Our project publication is an HANDBOOK in which the methodologies relative to the PCK (Pedagogical Content Knowledge) are put into practice in the field of Science and Technology. In this section materials produced during the activities of the project are published.

The Project Mobility Call

Presentation of the Project

Project Summary

Dissemination Materials

Presentation PCK Model

Table of Competences of PCK Model






Workshop 1 Modelling mechanical wave propagation: from observation to descriptive and interpretative models

SISSIS University of Palermo, Italy

Italian version of Workshop 1
Workshop 2 Mathematical labyrinth and Quartette card game as the example of adidactical situation

Comenius University Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovakian version of Workshop 2
Workshop 3 An introduction to the "fourth" state of matter: plasmas

Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany

German version of Workshop 3

Dutch version of Workshop 3
Workshop 4 Atom theory: from theory to the conceptual experiments

Modern Didactics Center and the Faculty of Physics and Technology at Vilnius Pedagogical University, Vilnius, Lithuania

Lithuanian version of Workshop 4
Workshop 5 Exploring alternative pupil concepts in the classroom using concept cartoons and conceptual experiments with cheap materials

University College Artevelde, Gent, Belgium

Belgian version of Workshop 5
Workshop 6 Programming and examination of a data base that would register the information from an institution

Andrei Saguna University, Constanta, Romania

Romanian version of Workshop 6

Evaluation Reports
Progress Report
Final Report